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Projects 🛠

  • Cinnamon DE Horizontal OSD Extension

    An extension for Cinnamon Desktop Environment to show OSD notifications horizontally. It's also highly customizable for styling.

    GitHub: berk-karaal/cinnamon-horizontal-osd

    Cinnamon Spices: Cinnamon Horizontal OSD

  • mkdocs-material-mark-as-read

    A plugin for MkDocs Material theme to mark the pages as read. It helps users to keep track of their reading progress through the website.

    GitHub: berk-karaal/mkdocs-material-mark-as-read

  • ppager

    less like pager written in Python.

    GitHub: berk-karaal/ppager

  • Old Projects

    Some small and fun projects I made before university. I published these projects on a website to apply for a scholarship program. I still keep them for memory 😄


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